We spend our waking hours, dreaming about sleep.

Founded in the United Kingdom, Paw Sleepers set out on a mission to give pets and pet owners across the globe, the tools they need to achieve the pawfect night's sleep. Say goodbye to your dull, outdated pet beds and say hello to luxurious, stylish and comfortable products that you won't want to shove in a corner.

We love our pets, but our bodies might not love us for sleeping with them!

Studies show that 63% of pet owners who share their bed with their four-legged friend experience poor sleep. And chances are, if you're tossing and turning throughout the night, your pet most likely will be as well. In many cases, your pet can enhance your sleep by lowering stress when in the bedroom, but sharing a bed with your perfect pooch can aid sleep disruption.

That's where we come in!

 We have worked with a number of suppliers across the globe to provide you with products that are big on quality, comfort and style that will ensure you and your pets never have a poor night's sleep.

Pet owners know how amazing having an animal companion is with a routine that works for both parties, so whether you have a new pet getting settled into the household or a long-time fur baby who disrupts your sleep, it's never too late to make sleeping adjustments and pick a pet bed that both you and your pet will adore.

As easy as 1, 2, Zzz

We want you and your pets to sleep as easy as 1, 2, 3. From anxiety reducing products like our Anti-Anxiety plush bed to having your pets looking as good as they'll sleep in our Starry Night onesie, we are committed to turning your yawns into smiles.